Bullet Pointe

Bullet Pointe Ballet Apparel Company specializes in contemporary dance wear for classical ballet dancers, offering products such as skirts, leotards, and shorts through its online store –

Started in 2013 as a result of the combined skills and interests of my mom, sister, and myself, Bullet Pointe has grown to become enormously successful, cultivating a constantly increasing e-commerce and wholesale client base, both domestically and internationally.

Bullet Pointe embodies a changing attitude within ballet culture. It speaks to a previously unfilled void in ballet: the need for an innovative, drastically different brand that could adequately and authentically represent the grit, determination, and overall "edge" of the 21st Century classical ballet dancer.  Bullet Pointe is a response to the stereotypes of the ballerina as a "girly girl" obsessed with all things fluffy and pink, and its brand identity aims to express this defiant perceptual shift through imagery, typography, and color schemes that defy traditional ideas of ballet.

branding – digital + print design – entrepreneurship – fashion – identity – motion graphics – packaging – photography –  social media – web

I co-founded Bullet Pointe with my mom and younger sister, Madison, during the final semester at Barnard College, where I graduated in May 2013 with a degree in Art History and Visual Arts. During my sophomore year at Barnard, Madison was accepted into the School of American Ballet at Lincoln Center. With this, she and my mom moved to New York to pursue her dream of becoming a professional ballet dancer.

Soon after, my mom began learning how to sew and construct garments – specifically, skirts and other ballet apparel for my sister and her friends at SAB. With these items growing in popularity and demand amongst the dancers, we began to see the business opportunity available to us – thus creating Bullet Pointe Ballet Apparel Company.

Even in its creation, my role at Bullet Pointe has always been driven by design.  In the name of the company, the manifesto, the products, and the photographs, I created a brand that embodies the ambition of both my mom and my younger sister and an attitude unique to the New York City ballet dancer.  The response we have already received from the ballet world has been unbelievable. Being a tight knit community, word of the company and its formation by women in a single family has spread, motivating us to continue to grow as a company while simultaneously changing the way  people view ballet.

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