The Ramble sits in the heart of Central Park, a series of winding paths secluded from the day-to-day, from the crowds, from the grid. In this wooded area, lies adventure but also danger. It’s easy to get lost in its twists and turns, and even easier when the lights go out.

As a park goer, you’ve come to this place to explore. You may simply be discovering new landmarks and visiting notable locations within the Ramble, or you may also be making sure the paths stay well-lit and safe. You may even be looking for an opportunity to steal from unsuspecting parkgoers. Everyone comes to the Ramble for different reasons, but no matter the reason, there’s always something new to find, a landmark to see, a path to explore.

Will you be the first to explore the Ramble, collect its treasures, and make it out...alive?


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