Creative City

Creative City, an application developed for iOS, tracks user movement throughout New York, suggests different inspiring sites or creative resources based on users' location data, and allows them to annotate the app's map based on their own observations and experiences living and working as a creative professional in New York City.

My inspiration for the project came from thinking about exactly what factors are required to be creative. I was also inspired by considering my own reason for choosing to study and ultimately live in New York:  I love the huge amount of creative resources available to us here. Thus, I aimed to materialize this idea in a functional tool/mobile app.

With the ability to add "points of inspiration" to a customizable map and log my experiences in different locations, I intended for this application to be an easy way to track my activities within the city while being able to store and share locations that I find most useful in my creative process.


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API  – app  –  branding  –  data visualization – GPS – graphic design  – iOS – mobile development  – UI / UX



The app's simple, intuitive interface gives users the ability to customize their map's features, allowing them to show or hide nearby points of inspiration, view their path history, and add their own inspiring locations.

Map View

By default, the app's map view displays the user's current location along with nearby location pins based on his or her previously used map view options.

Options Menu

Users can customize the types of location pins and other user-specific, location-based data that appears on the map view by selecting different view options from the menu page.

Pins & Location Types

Users can select which types of locations they would like to appear on their map using the options menu. These different location types appear as different colored pins on the map and include the following:



Subway Lines & Stops

Coffee Shops

Green Spaces & Places to Sit

Art Supply Stores

Parsons Facilities

Hardware Stores


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